About Us

We are a private UK company operating in the Dental Tourism (aka Dental Holidays) market, with big ambitions!

We partner with certified and reputable clinics, hotels and travel operators in Albania to offer an all-inclusive experience where we arrange and coordinate everything for our UK customers from start to finish..

Our Mission

Help you get a beautiful smile, without breaking your bank.

Our Vision

Offer an all inclusive affordable experience for our UK customers, by optimizing the whole journey using technology and automation.


We believe our main challenge is to prove to our British customers that it is possible to get affordable dental treatments in Albania with the same standard as in the UK. With much more value for money, and while getting your treatment we would love to show you around the beautiful sea, mountains, food and culture Albania has to offer.

Why Albania?

1- Because our partner clinics provide very high quality services.

2- With up to 70% cheaper dental treatment prices than UK and even cheaper than Hungary or Poland.

3- Albania has a lot to offer, Sea, Mountains and lots of Historical sites which we would love to show you on your free time from your dental treatment. Here is a quick preview of Albanian Nature. and places to visit in Albania.

Our Promise

We promise to always be honest and transparent on our pricing of treatments and services we provide.

We promise to do our absolute best in supporting you throughout the whole journey to a new smile.

Our Model

Open and Transparent, no upfront fees everything is paid after getting your treatment

Our operational model is very transparent, we explain everything there is to know to our customers about their dental treatment and their journey to Albania. From flights booking assistance to organizing airport transfers at Tirana International Airport, scheduling visits to our partner dental clinics, hotel transfers, tourist activities in your free time between treatment sessions and once your treatment has successfully completed we will drive you back to the airport on your way to the UK. We are hopeful that your treatment experience will showcase Albania as another possible destination for our British customers to return again and enjoy the natural beauties of Albania.