Our Dental Treatment Guarantee

All our dental treatments are covered by our Guarantee in our clinics in Albania

The guarantee is something which is often overlooked by people when deciding which dental treatment provider to choose. A great guarantee is something very important to offer our customers peace of mind when deciding to have their dental treatments done at our partner clinics in Albania.

We aim to offer a comprehensive guarantee which will cover all aspects of your treatment. We are very confident in what we offer to our customers and always will ensure the highest level of satisfaction by not compromising in the Quality of what we offer.

We match and surpass other Eastern Europe Guarantee Terms due to the quality of work and materials we us.

Our promise of offering a great guarantee includes also your flights to Albania for a value of up to £150 and free accommodation at our partner hotels for the necessary duration of any required remedial work.

Restoration WorkGuarantee Time
Osstem, Leone & Straumann Implants (screw + abutment)Lifetime
Crowns and Bridges (excludes temporaries)5 Years
Veneers (Ceramic, Zirconium & eMax) 2 Years
Inlay and Onlay5 Years
Combination Work (crown/bridge and removable denture) Cast Partial and Clasp Dentures3 Years
Over-Dentures3 Years
Full-Dentures1 Year
Composite Filling1 Year

The Guarantee will be invalidated or reduced :

  • if the patient does not return to our Partner Clinic in Albania for a routine check-up at least once a year during the guarantee period, or does not undergo a routine check-up once a year in his/her home country with an x-ray being taken and obtaining written proof (invoice/letter from your local dentist) that the annual check-up has been carried out
  • if oral hygiene is neglected
  • if the dentist instructions are not followed (for example not wearing dentures/night guard during the night)
  • if removable restorations such as partial or full dentures are not kept and maintained properly
  • if the gum tissue or teeth bone is naturally receding
  • in the event of accidental damage, for example dropping the denture
  • if the patient loses or gains a substantial amount of weight during a short period of time
  • if there is a general illness occurring that has negative effects on the dental condition (for example diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, condition after x-rays or chemotherapy)
  • if a dentist in your home country has carried out any corrective or additional treatment without prior consent from Honest Smile on dental work you received at our partner clinic in Albania.

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