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Your affordable Veneers abroad in our partner dental clinics in Albania.

What are Veneers?

A veneer is a porcelain layer attached on to the front surface of your tooth. There can be different types of Veneers such as Ceramic or Composite Veneers.The improvement in appearance to the teeth is remarkable and the procedure requires little or no anaesthesia, and its painless. Patients choosing our veneers treatment can expect an amazing smile with whiter, straighter and even looking teeth.

Affordable IPS eMAX Veneers in Albania

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Zirconium Veneers

Zirconium Veneers

Zirconia oxide is a type of ceramic material used for making full or partial crowns. To give your teeth a natural appearance, you can select from a number of shades that will best match the color of your original teeth. All you need is a couple of days of treatment enough time our highly skilled specialists to get your teeth impression and produce your amazing personalised veneers. Your teeth will look very natural and give you a flashing smile with white, straight and even looking bright new teeth giving you an amazing hollywood smile.

Our price £150 per tooth

IPS eMAX Veneers

2 Teeth Implant Bridge in Albania

eMax otherwise known as Lithium Silicate is not often used to make a partial crown or a core, although it may be utilized in making a full crown while adding some more porcelain finish as necessary. In terms of appearance, E-max is has a more translucent quality, as compared to most zirconia. The choice between these two materials will depend on the crown’s location in your mouth. If there is a darker tooth located underneath, zirconia is a better option as it does not allow more light to enter. It is not recommend to use eMax option in gap or bridge places. Generally 6-8 Veneers is a good number of veneers to create a great new smile.

Our price £190 per tooth

* Please note these prices are in a limited time offer until 31/03/2021.

Why choose Honest Smile UK?


Our partner dental clinic in Albania has extremely high standards on doctors, aesthetic dentistry, facilities and medical equipments. They have been brightening peoples smiles since 2005 and are at the forefront of dental tourism in Europe. They utilise cutting edge technologies to offer our patients a personalized solution for their dental works and smile makeovers. With an expertise of over 15 years in cosmetic dentistry, rest assured you will be in safe hands towards a perfect smile.


Dental Veneer prices in the UK are expensive with prices ranging from £500 to £800 per tooth. While in Albania prices are much cheaper due to a few different factors, cost of living, salaries and cost of doing business. Taxes and cost of running a dental business in Albania are much lower compared to the UK. Hence why our veneer prices start from £150 offering great affordable dental care for you.


Our partner clinics use the latest cutting-edge tools and computerized systems to ensure the best quality treatments for our customers. Panoramic and 3D scans are available in the clinic, together with the latest Zirconzahn CAD/CAM systems, In-house CAT Scans machine, allows us to make sure we provide the highest quality treatment at an affordable price.

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