Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I save on dental treatments in Albania?

Generally dental treatments in Albania cost around 70-80% less than in the UK. You would be surprised but they are even cheaper than Hungary, Poland or Croatia.

Why are dental treatments so cheap in Albania?

The main factor of these price differentiator is costs, cost of living and running a dental business in Albania is much less than the UK.

Is the examination carried out in the UK and work in Albania?

At the moment we are doing remote consultation via video link with our partner doctors. In the majority of cases especially for Dental Implants our doctors do request a Panoramic Dental X-Ray, costs around £30-£50 and can be done in clinics all around the UK. If you decide to do your treatment with any of our partner clinics in Albania we will be reimbursing the cost of X-Ray.

How do i get a Panoramic Dental X-Ray?

Generally most of dental surgeries near you would be able to do it, some clinics offer it as a stand alone service, some have it as part of their initial consultation. We suggest if you are looking to get your dental implants done abroad having a panoramic dental x-ray is very helpful when requesting Treatment Plans and Quotes from clinics abroad. Here is how you can look for a surgery which offers Panoramic Dental X-Ray near you

Where can I see the reviews of people who have had implants done previously?

Please head on to our Youtube channel where you can view reviews from patients who have used our partner clinics before. You can find more on our Partner Clinic

Do I need to pay any deposit for my dental treatments with Honest Smile?

No! You don't pay anything upfront, you only pay according to your received quote after your treatment is complete and your are satisfied with it.

Will I get the same quality dental treatments in Albania as in the UK ?

Absolutely! Our partner dental clinics in Albania employ certified and highly skilled dentists, using cutting-edge technology to achieve excellent dental results.

How do Albanian dentists compare to UK dentists?

Our partner clinics have more than 15 years of experience and their dentists are highly trained and have successfully completed over 10,000 implants and dental surgery procedures

How do I get to Albania?

Flight time is generally 2hrs 45min and there are a few airlines flying directly to Tirana international airport daily from London airports. EasyJet from Gatwick, Wizzair from Luton, British Airways from Heathrow and Air Albania from Stanstead.

How much does a return ticket to Albania cost?

Generally in off-peak season they cost anything between £50-£100 return. While in peak season they range anything between £100-£200

How long will I need to stay in Albania?

Depending on your treatment, generally Dental Implants require 2 to 3 days (2 visits), Veneers require 2 to 3 days, Crowns & Bridges require 3 - 5 days.

Are my dental treatments guaranteed?

Absolutely, your treatments are fully guaranteed. Dental implants, crowns & bridges have a 5 year guarantee, while Veneers and other treatments have a 2 year guarantee

Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely not! We will be honest and transparent on all the costs of your dental treatment, travel and accommodation. We do not charge additional fees for any of our services.

Will I get any help when in Albania?

Absolutely yes! You will have a dedicated assistant who will help you throughout your whole journey to a new smile.

Where are our clinics located?

At the moment we partner with a few clinics in Tirana and Durres, we normally offer options to our customers where would they prefer staying.

What currency is used in Albania?

LEK is the currency used in Albania its international symbol is ALL (Albanian Lek). Generally conversion rates vary from 130-140 Lek to the pound

How do I pay at the clinic?

You will pay according to our agreed payment plan, generally for treatments requiring multiple visits payments are split in stages. i.e. You pay 50-60% of your first visit and the remaining bit at the following visit.

What currency do I pay the clinic?

You can pay in GBP, but they are flexible and can accept Euro & ALL if you prefer.

Can I pay by card at the clinic?

Yes you can pay by card, there will be an additional 2-3% added to your bill though due to card costs. Therefore we suggest our customers to pay cash if they want to avoid the extra 2-3% card charges.

Can I use atm machines in Albania?

Yes, and they are very accessible and available especially in towns and cities. There is one thing you should bear in mind though, ATM machines in Albania charge a commission fee for foreign bank cards. Commissions vary but are generally in the region of £3 for £200-£300 cash withdrawals

How much money do I need in Albania?

Generally Albania is much cheaper compared to UK, with sandwiches and beers costing in the range of 150-300 Lek (£1.5 - £2.5). Therefore we advice our customers to have around £20-£30/day of expenses if they plan to go around and eat out.

What is Tirana like?

Tirana is the capital city of Albania, a metropolitan and modern city where you can find everything, from castles, parks, shopping centers to bars and night clubs, pretty much almost anything you would find in any european capital but at a much more affordable cost.

What is Durres like?

Durres is the second biggest city in Albania, its located only 25mins by car from Tirana International Airport, and is a seaside city with amazing seaside amenities. For those who like the sea, archeology and amazing food Durres is an ideal place to stay.

How much does a coffee cost in Albania?

You would be surprised to find out that a coffee in Albania costs only 70 pence.

How much does a beer cost in Albania?

Albanian local beer prices are generally £1 a pint, and their quality is quite nice, all our British friends and customers love them. It would be our pleasure to show you around.