Dental Bone Graft Cost

Dental Bone Graft Cost

Here are a few reasons of bone deficiency

  • Periodontal diseases.
  • Dental Cyst
  • Tooth removal or extraction.
  • When the tooth is missing for a long time the bone retracts and gets thinner, hence requiring bone grafting to be able to support dental implants.

Why do we need dental bone grafting?

For teeth implants to be placed, we need to have enough bone in our jaw, otherwise the implant will not be possible to integrate accordingly and be strong enough to absorb the forces applied on teeth. As technology progresses orthopaedic and dental surgeons have found alternative ways to reconstruct our jaw bone so that dental implants are placed successfully and have a long life span. Our partner dentists will make sure they provide all the information necessary for our patients before such procedures, normally this is a procedure requiring considerable time, at least a few months so that your bone is reinforced and is strong enough to support new dental implants. Our bone grafting for dental implants cost is the most competitive in Europe, with a comprehensive guarantee.

What is a Bone Graft?

A **dental bone graft **is the procedure dentist use to reinforce our jawbone in order for implants to fuse or integrate successfully. This technique is necessary when teeth are lost and our bone has resorbed hence reducing the bone structure. There are different ways bone reconstruction/grafting is implemented, and our partner dentist will ensure they provide all the necessary information beforehand in order to allow you to make an informed decision in what procedure is best suited for your case. If our jawbone is strong enough and has enough bone to support implants then bone grafting is not needed, bone grafting is only needed in the occasions where bone has retracted, and we have had dental bone loss.

The Cost of Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting varies due to many factors, i.e. the material used, the length of the procedure and complications that could arise, the amount of bone reconstruction needed of the type of anaesthetics in use. In the UK the cost of bone graft can vary anything between £500 - £2500+ depending on the complexity and the situation of our bone. Bone reconstruction/augmentation price also varies in the type of bone used, our partner clinics after careful research will use the most appropriate bone-substitute material for your case to increase the chances of successful bone integration. Our Bone Graft Prices are very competitive starting prices from £450 and offer a great affordable bone graft treatment for our patients.

What to Expect After the Procedure?

As you can imagine, bone grafting is a complex procedure and after the treatment there will be a bit of swelling in the jaw and around the cheeks and jawline. It's very common to have some swelling and bruising due to the jaw area is tender and more sensitive. Any pain and discomfort is normal after such procedure, and we need to allow our bodies the time it needs to heal and get back our strength.

Bone grafting methods:

  • Particulate Bone Graft – this method is normally used when quick treatment time is necessary, by using small particles of cancellous (spongy) and/or cortical (compact) bone matter, which quickly integrate with our existing bone. The biomaterial fuses in with our jawbone quicker than other types of treatment and enables dentist to provide high quality dental implants for our patients.

  • Onlay Bone Graft – this technique is generally used when the patient’s bone has diminished as a result of a prolonged period of tooth loss. The bone reconstruction material is applied on the top or side of pre-existing bone material; Healing time is necessary to allow for the material to fuse with our existing bone, after which dental implants can then be placed.

  • Block Bone Graft – this procedure uses blocks of bone to reinforce our existing jaw bone. The bock or blocks are cut in precise sizes to be fitted in the area requiring reconstruction. After its placement the bones are secured in by bone screws and allowed enough time for our native bone to integrate with the newly placed one. Once our bones have integrated the bone screws are removed and dental implants placed.

  • Sinus Grafting -

    Sinuses are the hollow bones which contain air spaces and make up our faces; they are positioned right above our upper back teeth and are commonly also known as maxillary sinuses. In an occasion where we lose one or more of our upper back teeth, our sinus floor drops to occupy the area previously occupied by our lost tooth root. This makes placement of dental implants impossible as there is not enough bone material for our implants to integrate. In this occasion a process known as Sinus Lifting will be necessary; it is achieved by a surgical procedure which uses bone reconstruction material to push the sinus floor back up to its previous position. Once the Sinus has been lifted and bone substitute material placed in the area, allowed enough time for it to integrate with our native bone, it is possible for our dentists to proceed with the desired dental implants procedure. Sinus lifting procedures can vary in price, our treatments are very affordable with prices starting from £500

Advantages of bone grafting (Augmentation)

  • Bone grafting makes dental implants placement possible allowing us to enjoy the sensation of our teeth again.
  • Will make most of our facial wrinkles disappear.
  • It helps keep a stable jaw structure and stops deterioration of our jawbone

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Published on: 2020-10-18