Why Albania is an underrated destination for dental implants abroad

Why Albania is an underrated destination for dental implants abroad

Albania is a seriously underrated country, not just as a location for dental implants abroad, but as a holiday destination in general. This Balkan gem is located between Greece, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and across the Adriatic Sea, Italy. With hundreds of miles of glorious beaches, vertiginous mountain ranges, and fascinatingly diverse history, Albania is fast becoming a “must visit'' location for intrepid explorers.

So what does this country have to offer both in terms of full mouth dental implants, and the perfect place for a quick break?

Albania is a beautiful country

Albania is perhaps one of Europe’s most unspoiled and unexplored countries. From North to South, East to West, you can experience snow-capped mountains, rolling green plains, forests, lakes, wild rivers, islands, sandy beaches, rugged coastline, and more. There are hundreds of castles and forts throughout the land, complemented by ancient stone cities, religious sites, and even the ruins of temples, amphitheaters, and acropolises. You can walk along the Via Egnatia, travel through time in Butrint, or just lie on a sunbed in one of the country’s luxury resorts.

The beauty of Albania has to be seen to be believed, but those who visit are usually shocked, and in awe from what they discover.

Albania is a safe country

Contrary to what preconceptions you may have, Albania is an extremely safe country. Street crime is almost nonexistent and Albanians are welcoming and friendly. An ancient set of feudal laws lay down something called a ‘besa’.

This is an unbreakable promise that Albanians abide by and means they must treat guests with the utmost respect at all times. To break this vow would bring unimaginable shame and as such, tourists and visitors are treated exceptionally well. There is nothing Albanians love more than having people visit their country and hearing how much they enjoy it, so be prepared to answer questions on why you came and what you think of it!

Albania is a low-cost country


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Dental implants in Albania are significantly lower-cost than in the UK or in most other European countries. The standard of care is unsurpassed and you can use the money you save to explore the country and enjoy yourself, combining a medical trip and a holiday in one.

Eating out in the capital Tirana will cost between GBP 10 and GBP 20 per person, including wine, in a smart and fashionable restaurant. There are plenty of bars and cafes where you can enjoy refreshments from as little as 50 pence. Entry to museums is less than GBP 1 and a taxi anywhere in the city will cost less than GBP 5.

When it comes to accommodation, you are also spoilt for choice. A five-star hotel will cost you around GBP 110 a night, but you can also opt for boutique hotels with breakfast, starting from GBP 30. Whether you want luxury, or something a little more authentic, there is something to cater to you.

There are also a wealth of shops, boutiques, and markets you can browse to pick up souvenirs, gifts, clothes, jewelry, and other goods at fantastic prices.

Albania is great for getting dental implants abroad

If you’re keen on getting dental implants abroad, rest assured that the dentists in our partner clinics meet the highest standards in professional qualifications.

Many of them have either trained and been qualified abroad in places like Italy, Germany, or the US. Others have studied in Albania and then supplemented their training with additional experience outside of the country. They are up to date with the very latest in dental technology and innovation and their clinics are kitted out with state-of-the-art equipment.

Albanians take good care of their teeth and expect exceptional levels of care. As a result, all of our partner doctors, nurses, facilities, and professionals are beyond what you would get in many other countries, even the UK.

You can recover from getting dental implants abroad in peace


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Whether you’re getting dental implants in Albania, or another kind of dental treatment like veneers or a simple whitening, you will want somewhere to relax and recover after the work is done. Albania is the perfect place for that! If you’re in the capital of Tirana, the beach is a forty-minute drive away.

The city of Durres is home to several stunning beach-side restaurants, spas, and hotels, as well as inviting sandy beaches. The city is also full of historically interesting sites such as a castle, Roman ruins, and beautiful old villas. Alternatively, you can hire a car and visit areas of interest such as Petrele, Berat, Gjirokaster, or the city of Shkodra. Each location has a truly unique vibe and offers great food at good prices, quirky culture, and unforgettable experiences.

Albania is also great for hiking and you can brave it alone, or take part in organised trips with English-speaking guides. You can go offroading in a 4x4, take a balloon ride, go on a gastronomic tour, have tasting sessions at local wineries and cantinas, relax in hot springs, or even go rafting in vast canyons.

The list of activities you can enjoy while recovering from dental implants in Albania is long and has something to suit everyone!

Albania is near

Did you know you can fly to Albania in as little as three hours? There are plenty of direct flights to Tirana which take three hours, and even with a stop, you can still be there in good time. This means you have the option of taking a short trip over the weekend or deciding to stay longer and soak up the unique atmosphere of the country. The short flight time also means that after getting dental implants abroad, you don’t have to sit on a plane for hours and hours at a time you would rather be recovering.

So, what are you waiting for? Combine a bucket-list trip to one of Europe’s most underrated treasures, and benefit from world-class dental treatment including implants, veneers, whitening, and more.

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Published on: 2021-03-21