Top 5 European destinations for dental implants abroad 2021

Top 5 European destinations for dental implants abroad 2021

If you are considering getting dental implants abroad, you might be wondering where the best deal is to be had. While it’s acceptable to want to get the cheapest dental implants abroad, you also need to consider travel, culture, safety, and what there is to do during your time there! Honest Smile brings you a summary of the top 5 European destinations for dental implants abroad in 2021, including all the pros and the cons!


Hungary has grown in popularity as a destination for dental implants abroad. It’s accessible from the UK and while it’s not the cheapest option available, it still offers good prices for dental tourists. The main location for dental clinics in the capital city of Budapest where a night in a hotel averages around EUR 80. Flights from the UK (London) are daily and can be as low as GBP 27 with a budget airline. With a flight time of two hours, it’s a great option for those that want to go, get the work done, and come back quickly.

Budapest is a beautiful city steeped in history, but you might find the cool manner of the locals a bit of a contrast from the UK, and other European cities. Weather-wise, Budapest is mild, so it’s not the place for you if you want to combine your trip with some sun-seeking. The city is vast and relatively safe, although you should be cautious of pickpockets, particularly in touristy areas.

Every year, thousands of patients looking for dental implants abroad, fly into Hungary, and most are satisfied with the outcome. Whether it’s the right choice for you will depend on what else you are hoping to get out of your trip!


Turkey is a popular destination not just for dental implants abroad, but also for cosmetic surgery tourism. The first choice for many decades, it enjoys a great and reasonably priced private dental care system and many highly experienced and qualified dentists. One complaint we often hear about Istanbul is the fact it’s a difficult city to navigate. While you can arrange for pickups from the airport, and someone to drive you around, it can be rather overwhelming due to its immense size and language and culture differences. Turkey is a popular destination for dental tourism, but there are many options that are lower cost, and closer to home.

Flight times are over four hours and prices typically start from GBP 140 return and a four-star hotel can be as little as GBP 9 including breakfast. Dental treatments of all kinds tend to be between 50% and 70% less than in the UK due to lower business operating costs and a lower cost of living. The key to undergoing dental treatment in Turkey is ensuring you understand what you are paying for and that the clinic is up to the UK, or at least EU standards.

It’s also worth noting that the Foreign Office is currently advising against travel to the country due to the COVID-19 situation. Those that do visit are advised to avoid the border with Syria, be cautious around religious holidays, and avoid any large public gatherings or protests.


The EU state of Poland is considered as one of the best options for dental implants abroad, and other forms of dental care. A fully-fledged EU member state, it provides treatment in line with EU standards and expectations. Costs are low due to a lower cost of living than many other countries in Europe, and the UK. Flights between London and Warsaw are daily, take two hours, and start at GBP 20 with a budget airline. A hotel will set you back around GBP 50 per night, with a meal plus wine at around GBP 30.

Poland is a safe country but there have been regular and widespread protests since October 2020 on a series of increasingly conservative government decisions. Foreigners are rarely targets of crime but should be on guard when using public transport such as busses and trains. It’s also a nice place to explore, but if you are someone looking for sunshine and white, sandy, beaches, it might not be quite what you’re looking for. Warsaw is a rainy city and the temperature rarely goes above 23 degrees- much like summer in the UK!

That said, the dentists in Poland’s main cities often speak good English and offer a great level of care. Hence, its reputation as a sought-after dental tourism location.


Spain is a popular tourist destination for dental tourism due to its location and the quality of dental care. In terms of prices, it’s more expensive than Albania, Turkey, Poland, and Hungary but offers customers peace of mind. As a developed upper-income country and a long-time EU member, many patients feel comforted by this fact. English is also widely spoken in Spanish clinics as they have a history of catering to British dental tourists and the large number of expats living in the country.

The level of care in clinics is high and many specialists of dental implant and other procedures have trained in good-quality local institutions, or elsewhere in Europe. Flights to Spain are multiple times a day to various cities and start at GBP 25. Accommodation prices are more expensive than in Turkey and Hungary, and eating out can cost more, depending on where you’re based.

One issue worth consideration in relation to Spain is the situation for individuals traveling from the UK. There are some restrictions in place on the entry of British citizens, and it may be necessary to provide further information relating to the nature of your visit post-Brexit. You must check with the British embassy in Spain before booking any dental care in the country to avoid disappointment.


Albania is a hidden gem and a well-kept secret for those looking for the cheapest dental implants abroad. Situated just three hours from London, on the edge of the Balkan Peninsula, the country is a safe, beautiful, and emerging holiday hotspot. But in terms of dental implants abroad, it’s making a name for itself in the dental tourism world. Albania is known for its highly educated (mostly abroad) dentists working in high-end clinics. Qualifications and standards are on an equal footing to the UK, and the country’s EU accession path means its dental practitioners are working hard to keep up the Bloc’s standards.

Our partner clinics are in the seaside city of Durres, just 20 minutes from the airport and 40 minutes from the capital of Tirana. Durres offers miles of beaches and coastline, complimented by countless seaside bars, cafes, and restaurants. Fresh seafood is a must here, ideally washed down with fine local wine and a strong Albanian coffee.

You can travel to Albania for around GBP 60 return, and a night in a city center hotel starts at GBP 20. A meal in a high-end restaurant including wine starts at GBP 10. But the beauty of Albania is that it’s a perfect opportunity to explore one of Europe’s lesser-known, but truly incredible countries. Albania is famous for its food, weather (Tirana is both Europe’s sunniest and rainiest city), and the kind, welcoming hospitality of local people. It’s also developing a solid international relationship as a prime location for dental treatment and dental implants abroad.

One of the key benefits it has over other options, asides from the price, quality of care, and convenience, is the fact that in one day, you can visit the city, climb a mountain, swim in crystal blue waters, and visit Europe’s oldest lakes. Dental treatment in Albania is a great opportunity for a holiday and time to recover, in style, safety, and outstanding natural beauty.

Currently, those traveling from the UK are required to quarantine for 2 weeks, but this is anticipated to be assessed before the tourism season starts.

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Published on: 2021-04-10